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Bodwin Theatre Presents Euripides' Alcestis


Bodwin Theatre Company Presents for an evening of plays and songs by William Butler Yeats, Ireland’s greatest poet. With Thomas Cullinan, Sandra Manos, Sean Manos, Elias Manos and Peter Manos and songs based on Yeats poems composed and performed by Joshua Fadenholtz, with Elias Manos on piano.  Free to public! 

Friday-Sunday (August 12-14) @ 7:00 PM 

John Carroll University, Rodman Hall Meeting Room, 2nd Floor (1 John Carroll Blvd., Warrensville Ctr Rd and Fairmount Blvd.) … [read more]

Unleashing Creativity in the Community

How important is the arts in a community?

To co-opt a famed playwright, "Let Me Count The Ways:"

 educationeducation … [read more]

Bodwin Theatre

Bodwin Theatre Company

Priceless Theatre ... Absolutely Free!

… [read more]

Study in New England Journal of Medicine Links Expanded Health Care Access and Reduction in Abortion Rates

Access to abortion, particularly through any public health program, has been among the nation's most divisive issues, but regardless of your position you may find this report from the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine interesting, as they identify reductions in abortions following legislative steps to expand health care access. 
… [read more]

Support Issue 1, the Renewal of 3rd Frontier Investment, On May 4th

“The Third Frontier” is an overly dramatic name for dedicated state funds, $1.6 billion worth, that can help move Ohio forward and grow, investing in promising technical fields that require critical research support and patient investment for development, but also have extraordinary promise.  The program’s renewal, state issue one, is heading for a vote on the May ballot and deserves your support.  The return on the state investment is so pronounced that elected officials, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers and academics are all trippin … [read more]

ODOT's Last Explanation - Bicyclists and Pedestrians Were On "Double Secret Probation"

Now we finally know why ODOT opposes efforts to create a bike/pedestrian path on their proposed $450 million innerbelt bridge.  In their mind, it was all settled years before the public starting to convey their desires, long before ODOT solicited public input for their Environmental Impact Statement at the Greek Orthodox Church, long before the public hearings, way, way long before the federal government's Record of Decision.  All of that was just for show.  To ODOT's way of thinking, it was already settled. … [read more]

Corporate Money and Politics

I find it hard to imagine a bigger blow to the political process than the Supreme Court's decision to treat corporate and individual speech equally.  Let's hope I'm wrong.
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A Bike/Walk Lane for the Innerbelt Highway Bridge

There is an effort to get a bike and pedestrian lane added to the proposed I-90 innerbelt bridge, offering a dramatic, beautiful, healthy and practical connection to walk or ride downtown.  Residents or visitors could connect to the towpath trail to Akron, Tremont or downtown by the Gateway sports facilities.   That’s great, but perhaps th … [read more]

Education as Economic Stimulus

An interesting report from an unlikely source, business consultants McKinsey & Company, identify underperforming education as the equivalent of a permanent recession.  Are you listening Ohio legislature? The report finds that the achievement gap is the economic equivalent of a permanent national recession—one substantially larger than the deep recession the country is currently experiencing.  Read McKinsey's report here, The Economic Impact of the … [read more]

Parenting and Low Birth Weight Babies

It's been well-researched that many low birth-weight children have functional disabilities, but what is the impact on the mothers caring for these children? Research shows that mothers giving birth and caring for low birthweight babies face higher levels of psychological distress, including depression and anxiety, particularly for the parents of children age three or younger.  Research indicates that giving birth to low birthweight children impact the mother in a number of important ways: … [read more]

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