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Adolescent Mental Health - Urban Hassles and Chronic Stress

Chronic stress during adolescence can have significant effect on individuals' long-term mental health. This stress can include environmental and social stresses ... so what can we conclude about the stress of inner-city life, such as poverty and violence, and its impact on the development of urban youth?    
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Depression Among Mothers and Impact on Kids

Depression among mothers is still one of the most common, but unrecognized, undiagnosed and untreated complications of pregnancy, with 10-20% of women experiencing depression during pregnancy or in the first twelve months following pregnancy.  The rate for low-income or minority women may reach 40%.  The healthy development of a child can be significantly impacted by maternal depression.  At young ages, depression among mothers is associated with a child's lower level of activity and fussiness, as well as problems with social interactions and greater … [read more]

When to Start Kids In School

Ever tempted to hold your child back from starting school, so that he or she would benefit from being older than his peers? … [read more]

Identifying Benchmark Data

Cuyahoga County partners with Case Western Reserve University to monitor the health of kids, through its Youth Risk Behavior Survey, tracking conduct, comparing Cleveland adolescents and young adults (grade 9-12) with others nationwide. Here are some interesting points: … [read more]

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