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Up Next:  Thanks for those who joined at the StationHope,Road to Hope events around town.   Join us for an evening of plays and songs by William Butler Yeats, Ireland's greatest poet, with songs based on Yeats poems, composed and performed by Joshua Fadenholtz with Eli Manos on piano. Admission is Free!

Friday, August 12th@7:00pm

Saturday, August 13th@ 7:00pm

Sunday, August 14th@7:00pm 

John Carroll University

Rodman Hall Meeting Room, 2nd Floor

 Priceless Theater... Absolutely Free! 

Previous Productions: View pictures and comments from prior productions. Here are some of our favorites from the recent production of A Man for All Seasons, Golden, Alcestis, A Night in the Garden of Eden at John Carroll University and 3,000 Miles Underground with Cleveland Public Theatre.

Who Is Bodwin?:   Meet the Bodwin production team.

Script Download Option: Bodwin is initiating an exciting new service, making available the original plays of Bodwin Theatre's Artistic Director Peter Manos at no cost for reading and review (all rights reserved for any production). (page coming soon)

Unleashing Creativity: From pundits to populace, everybody seems to agree that Northeast Ohio needs to step out in a new direction, using the creative arts to drive an economic resurgence. Read about successful government incentives used elsewhere to encourage film, TV and video production and build a creative economy. Visit our friends at Community Partnership for Arts and Culture  and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, which have developed a number of exciting arts initiatives. 

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News and Reviews: Read reviews of previous performances. (Page coming soon.)

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Bodwin Theatre Company is dedicated to showcasing Cleveland's vastly rich theatrical talent in the greatest Classical and Contemporary plays ever written. Our emphasis is on the actor and the performance -- all the excitement of live theatre begins and ends here. We strive not just to entertain, but to thrill and astonish, to create an experience that will stay with an audience long after the house lights have come up and the exit doors opened. We strive to put a human face on this most human of arts, knowing that the pulse of an actor's performance is the heartbeat of truly great theatre.

Come share the exhilaration of it all with us!


Peter Manos
Artistic Director
Bodwin Theatre Company