Bodwin Theatre Presents Euripides' Alcestis


Bodwin Theatre Company Presents for an evening of plays and songs by William Butler Yeats, Ireland’s greatest poet. With Thomas Cullinan, Sandra Manos, Sean Manos, Elias Manos and Peter Manos and songs based on Yeats poems composed and performed by Joshua Fadenholtz, with Elias Manos on piano.  Free to public! 

Friday-Sunday (August 12-14) @ 7:00 PM 

John Carroll University, Rodman Hall Meeting Room, 2nd Floor (1 John Carroll Blvd., Warrensville Ctr Rd and Fairmount Blvd.)

With Thomas Cullinan, Sandra Manos, Sean Manos, Elias Manos and Peter Manos
And songs based on Yeats poems composed and performed by Joshua Fadenholtz
with Elias Manos on piano
Friday-Sunday (August 12-14) @ 7:00 PM

Bodwin Theatre Company presents Euripides' Alcestis, a 5th century BC prize winner from ancient Greece.  Neither tragedy nor comedy, Euripides may have presented the first modern play for a 5th Century BC Dionysus Festival.The staged reading is presented without admission charge.

  • Thursday through Saturday, July 24, 25 and 26 at 8:00pm
  • On the campus of John Carroll University, Rodman Hall (for details, see: 

King Admetos was granted by the Fates, persuaded by Apollo, the privilege of living on borrowed time, outlasting death.  Apollo is re-paying the gift of hospitality, offered by the King years ago. There is a catch -- Admetos must find someone to take his place when Death comes to claim him. 

Can King Admetos meet the challenge?

Should he be able to escape death?

The terrific cast features Sandra Manos * as Alcestis, Peter Manos* as King Admetos and Dan Flannery as Hercules. Also featured are Sean Manos, Tom Cullinan and Eli Manos, with an historical presentation by Kevin Cronin (* denotes membership in Actors' Equity, the professional stag actors union).

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