Bike the Bridge Rally (12-6-2009)Bike the Bridge Rally (12-6-2009)

Cycling is a positive force in our region.  Offering convenient access to terrific parks and roadways, the region is growing as an cycling destination. That's good news, attracting cycling tourists from around the region, state and the nation.

As one of the founders of nonprofit leader Bike Cleveland, as well as its pre-cursor ClevelandBikes, a city-wide coalition to promote cycling for healthy sport, recreation and transportation, lead developer for the Bicycle Station at Gateway and the Open Access/Interstate Bridge campaign and representative to numerous government boards and committees, I am uniquely positioned to help in a wide range of cases and controversies.

  • Are you a city or village official or resident, seeking to invest in cycling to attract residents and business opportunities?
  • Have you been injured while riding on a bike? You should not have to bear the costs of injury on your own.

Let me help you develop the right strategies and implementation plans.