Developing and implementing a plan to achieve a desired policy goal, whether at the federal, state or local level, does not turn on episodic attention every four years, glamorous endorsements or, while it may seem like heresy, even money

Success follows a rigorous process, one that:

  • Begins with asking the right questions;
  • Relies on insightful judgment and analysis, and
  • Requires the right sets of experiences.

You need critical thinking and a focused, strategic plan. 

You need to talk to someone who has been there. 

Offering nearly a decade of experience with the United States Congress, supplemented by successful campaigns at the state and local level, I have the experience you need. Let's see what I can do for you!

Federal: Served as a Counsel to one of the first congressional committees, legislative staff to another committee as well as staff for leading members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; knowledgeable and experienced with  public policy, campaigns and elections.

State:  Assisted in campaigns for individual candidates, as well as issue elections to create the Third Frontier program.

Local: Assisted in developing and implementing a plan to leverage a local cable franchise review to create a $3 million fund to increase computer skills and the digital infrastructure.