When to Start Kids In School

Ever tempted to hold your child back from starting school, so that he or she would benefit from being older than his peers? Although about 10% of parents hold their children back, wishing for some education, social or athletic advantage, according to the latest research, it's not worth it and doesn't increase academic attainment in the long run. Holding a child back is associated with short-term education advantage, but it usually evens out by 3rd grade, while delaying school entry is associated with problems of social adjustment and lower total education attainment.  For those kids who drop out at the earliest legal age, the kids starting school at a younger age will have an additional year of school, with more years of school related to higher education attainment and higher income. Data shows that an additional year in school leads to an average 15% increase in annual earnings in the US, with those with more education and higher income tend to have fewer and healthier children.

For more information, visit the Schubert Center for Child Studies, Case Western Reserve University and find the research of Dr.Heather Royer, Weatherhead School of Management.