Cronin A1Cronin A1I am here to help you ... six simple words that are often lost in the maze of legal and business insight.  I have the range of experience to help you, offering:

Innovative business solutions:

  • Environmental innovation, honored for activities by Green Energy Ohio, assisted in the creation and led ClevelandBikes, as well as current bike advocacy group Bike Cleveland; clients include RET3 (job training and computer recycling) and the Solar Energy Cooperative
  • Leading edge communications, including assisting in the founding of Cleveland Digital Vision through a cable television franchise regulatory review; with years of press assistance in professional sports

Legislative strategies at the local, state and federal levels:

  • Offering nearly a decade of experience with the United States Congress, as Counsel to one of the first congressional committees, as well as assisting leading members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives; experienced in public policy, campaigns and elections; frequent presenter of testimony to Ohio legislative committees


Fundraising and development:

  • Advancing the arts and communities, representing artists and authors; producer of theatrical and special events; directed social services to neighborhood groups

Criminal and civil litigation:

  • Commercial and personal litigation, criminal representation, as well as specific needs involving the representation and guardianship of children