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Agile … Insightful … Aggressive

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“I am here to help you.”

I am here to help you… six simple words that are often lost in the maze of legal and business insight. I’m Cleveland Attorney Kevin Cronin and those six words are the foundation for every client that retains my legal or business counsel.

When you need help and insight, what do you look for in an attorney and advisor?

  • Someone who will listen carefully.
  • Someone with the experience and insight to help you.
  • Someone with diverse and wide-ranging experiences, who understands your situation and your needs.
  • Someone with the judgment and skills to advance your goals.

Whether in Court or in the Halls of Congress, I have a wide range of experiences to assist you. A lifelong Clevelander, active in the arts, environment and health communities, I am well-positioned to help you. Let’s talk over your concerns, no charge for our first conversation, and develop a plan together.

Attorney Kevin Cronin

Areas of legal expertise

Criminal, Civil, & Juvenile

Commercial and personal litigation, criminal representation, as well as specific needs involving the representation and guardianship of children and families facing challenges in Juvenile Court.


Extensive legislative experience at the federal, state, and local levels of government.


The legal experience and understanding required to bridge the gap between the law and Technology.


Legal representation for juveniles obtaining an IEP, after-school education centers, and community groups.


As an avid cyclist licensed as an Instructor by the League of American Bicyclists, I support work to represent those injured and advocate for safer laws on behalf of riders and pedestrians.


Offering legal representation of artists and authors for their creative work; a Producer of theater, video and special events, as well as raising funds for non-profit organizations and activitie.

Professional Legal services and representation in Cleveland OH & Surrounding Areas

Let me help you with sound legal counsel to obtain a favorable result.

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